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BMW GroupLucid Motors

Eduardo Sonnino

Senior Designer, Microsoft

"We’ve tried countless prototyping tools and ProtoPie is hands down the most flexible and powerful tool that fits perfectly into any team’s workflow. No matter which tools or platform are being used, we can import our design assets in seconds and make awesome code-free prototypes in minutes."

Sebastien Gabriel

Senior Designer, Google

"ProtoPie is the simplest and most powerful no-coding-skill-required prototyping tool I have found. It changed the way my team and I prototype and it enables us to create fast prototypes for quick validation."

Teo Babic & Felix Praschak

Senior UX Designers, BMW Group

"The ProtoPie products are awesome. With the addition of ProtoPie Connect, our designers are now able to experience their ideas in combination with our custom hardware and even bring their concepts into real cars within minutes. Such realistic experiences enable us to efficiently test, discuss and iterate on a global scale."

Jack Cong

Director of User Experience, Lucid Motors

"The automotive product really helped us solve our design simulation challenges. With ProtoPie's unique framework solution, we were able to simulate our pixel-perfect design into seating buck and share with stakeholders even before implementation. Not only was the product great, but also the technical support!"