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Best Game Prototypes Made With ProtoPie

A list of the winning prototypes from our game prototyping challenge.

Bern Espino
Bern Espino, Customer Learning ManagerOctober 20, 2023
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The spark of magic in game design truly ignites during the prototyping phase. This is the sandbox where designers let their wild, raw ideas morph into interactive playgrounds—ready to be explored by avid gamers.

Given the vibrant creativity that shines within our Community, we kicked off a game prototyping challenge as a shoutout to all the imaginative souls out there, encouraging them to share their game prototypes #MadewithProtoPie. The idea was simple: provide a platform to stretch those design muscles, shatter traditional boundaries, and have some fun while at it.

It became more than just a showcase—it was a testament to how the right tool can fine-tune the rough edges of a design, transforming them into playable, immersive gaming experiences. It was thrilling to see the burst of innovation from every prototype, proving once again that the sky's the limit in advanced prototyping with ProtoPie.

Embracing hyper-casual games

Many entries explored the hyper-casual genre, revealing a variety of innovative game concepts that reflected the core of such games—simplicity, accessibility, and instant enjoyment.

The power of ProtoPie shone through with the use of variables, formulas, components, and conditional logic in making complex game mechanics, animations, and interactions. Prototypers are able to quickly evaluate and tweak gameplay elements as well as ensure a fun user experience right from the start without a single line of code.

If you want to learn more and craft your own mobile games, ProtoPie School has got you covered. Check out these resources:

The best game prototypes

Before we move on, we recommend having the ProtoPie Player app set up on your smartphone or tablet to test and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Now, let’s see these winning game concepts in action!

Tic Tac Toe by Patrick Gasselsdorfer

Dive into a playful venture with this classic game, and test your logical prowess. Play the game here.

Crazy Kittens by Alex Lasek

Embark on a whimsical journey through 10 exciting levels, each filled with a blend of fun and challenge. Play the game here.

Bau cua by Nguyen Tuyen

Relive a traditional Vietnamese game brought to life with a modern touch. Try it out here.

Catch Me If You Can by Nguyen Tuyen

Join an energetic pursuit for a fleeting button that will surely test your patience. Play the game here.

Try to Avoid It by Mažvydas Bartkevičius

Soar through space in this escapade inspired by the infamous Flappybird game. Try it out here.

Knight's Journey by John Redhead

Step into a supercharged chess adventure and become the knight to lead this marvelous quest. Play the game here.

Archery Game by Cobi Stancik

Hone your aiming skills and draw the bow in this precise archery challenge. Try it out here.

Park It Way by Dinesh Singh

Drive through a thrilling car parking saga defined by angular motion and perilous zones, each level calling for your precision and control. Play the game here.

Navi Wars by Jose Mansilla

Strategize for a smooth sailing journey in this digital reincarnation of a classic board game that will blow your mind. Try it out here.

Cow Kidnap by Jace Phillips-Ennis

Pilot a quirky UFO in a voyage to solve puzzles and collect cows against the clock. Play the game here.

The grand winner — Eugeny Grebenshchikov

In a grand display of prototyping mastery, Eugeny Grebenshchikov showcases ProtoPie's extensive feature set with a total of 9 diverse game prototypes, each bearing a unique tale of creativity and the endless potential of game prototyping. Here are some of his best works:

Squid Game

Play the game here.


Play the game here.


Play the game here.


Play the game here.


Play the game here.

Feeling inspired? See more advanced prototypes in the ProtoPie Gallery.

Create endless possibilities with ProtoPie

The #GamePrototyping challenge highlighted the rich capabilities at play when using advanced prototyping for game design, but it doesn't end there. You can also integrate gamepads and other hardware to transform static prototypes into interactive, lifelike adventures using ProtoPie Connect and our available built-in plugins. Multimodal interfaces, cross-device functionality, and the use of your device’s native sensors are all part of what makes ProtoPie one the best prototyping tools.