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15 Most Inspirational Interactive Prototypes for 2022

A curated list of inspirational prototypes and their interactions for 2022.

Julie Ko
Julie Ko, Growth MarketerJanuary 11, 2022

It's that time of the year again!

There were a lot of features and improvements in ProtoPie this year—dashboard, image fill, formulas in Playback, individual corner radius, the plugins for Adobe XD and Sketch, and many more. Many talented designers put these new features to good use, taking their designs to the next level. Let's start off 2022 the right way—with the 15 most inspirational interactive prototypes. Perhaps they could serve as interaction design inspiration for you.

I paid attention to the following in particular:

  • Design: Are the UI designs proper and following the latest trends?
  • Interactivity: How interactive are the prototypes? What kind of microinteractions are there?
  • Realism: How realistic do these interactions feel and look and how feasible are they?
  • Creativity: How creative and unique are the solutions the designers came up with?
  • Diversity: Good mix of prototypes for all kinds of digital products, e.g., mobile, web, desktop, and IoT?

The selected prototypes have been listed in random order. If you click on each link, you can see how they were made. For some of the prototypes, you can even try them out yourself and download the files.

The Only Way is Down by Arthur Retrou

Try out on mobile and tablet.


Sound Wizard Prototype by Eugeny Grebenshchikov

Try out on mobile or tablet.


Podcast App by Khrystyna Tripnyk

Try out on mobile or desktop.


Tablet Game Prototype by Tony Kim

Try out on mobile or tablet.


VPN Interaction Concept by Aneesh Raveendran

Try out on mobile or desktop.


Squid Game prototype by Eugeny Grebenschikov

Try out on mobile or desktop.


Queue Management App by sangatsunoneko

Try out on tablet or desktop.


Finding Gojek Driver by Zusuf Subari

Try out on mobile or desktop.


Thermal Screening Kiosk by Tony Kim

Try out on mobile or tablet.


Ozone by Declan Ahn

Try out on mobile or desktop.


Spend and Invest cryptocurrency by Mateusz Jurkiewicz

Learn more about the details.


Web App Design by Outcrowd

Learn more about the details.


Calorie Tracking App by YesYou

Learn more about the details.


Gamepad Integrated Prototype by Tony Kim

Learn more about the details.


Money Sending Prototype by Daniel Moss

Learn more about the details.


There is no limitation with ProtoPie. We are ready to enhance your design skills with new features. If you’d like to know more about our tool, which these designers used to create advanced interactions easily that go beyond imagination, try it for free here!