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Test automotive UX & HMI with ProtoPie in your own seating buck while saving on engineering resources.

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  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW

“With the addition of ProtoPie Connect, our designers are now able to experience their ideas in combination with our custom hardware and even bring their concepts into real cars within minutes.”


Teo Babic & Felix Praschak

Senior UX Designers, BMW Group

Handoff interactions seamlessly & code-free

Simulate the entire workflow

Test entire UX workflow by using G29 to build up a code-free seating buck.

Discover how the team at MBition uses ProtoPie

Validate prototype with real data

Take full control of car signals in your prototypes. Combine real data with advanced logic & interactions in prototypes for realistic scenarios.

Learn how to create in-car UX using live vehicle data

No more starting from scratch

Increase team collaboration and work efficiency. Stay focused on innovation using reusable interaction components.

Discover how the team at Arrival uses ProtoPie.

Powerful features for maximum efficiency

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Discover and experience real prototypes created by talented designers worldwide.

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Unlock potential with helpful resources and pricing for all designers.

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Design your own car dashboard using ProtoPie

Learn in-demand skills and everything you need to manage large-scale projects.

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