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What's New in ProtoPie? ProtoPie 6.0—Highly Interactive Prototyping for Everyone

Introducing a dashboard, tabs, light & dark themes to onboard yourself and colleagues more effectively.

Rebeca Caritas
Rebeca Caritas, Customer Success ManagerOctober 21, 2021
ProtoPie 6.0—Highly Interactive Prototyping for Everyone Thumbnail

Designers feel an increasing need to take ownership over every stage of their projects—from ideation to bringing their ideas to life.

After breaking down the coding barrier to true high-fidelity prototyping we have been empowering designers to deep dive into interaction design. Our efforts do not stop here. We believed it was time to revamp the whole onboarding experience and smoothen the learning curve for new ProtoPie users.

To achieve this goal, ProtoPie 6.0 boasts a new dashboard, making it easier for new users to get started, and bridges the gap with your favorite design tools.

ProtoPie 6.0 release gif

Dashboard—all in one place

To help new users making great prototypes in ProtoPie faster, we redesigned the onboarding experience. With the new dashboard, find everything you need to get onboarded the first few times you open ProtoPie.

ProtoPie new studio dashboard
  • Prototype examples and other helpful resources such as quick tips & tutorials.
  • Direct access to ProtoPie Support and ProtoPie communities to get faster assistance and connect with ProtoPie experts and other users.

New light & dark modes

ProtoPie 6.0 lets you choose between a new dark and light mode. Minimize eye strain with a light-themed interface during bright daytime, or switch to a grayscale color palette with the dark mode. Choose the appearance that suits you.

ProtoPie studio light and dark theme

Keep your prototypes at hand with tabs

No more separate windows for your prototypes. In ProtoPie 6.0, switch between your prototypes the same way you switch between tabs in a browser.

Keep your prototypes at hand with tabs

Polygon and star shapes

Save yourself the hassle with new built-in shapes. Besides rectangles and ovals, you can create polygons and stars in ProtoPie. Or import these shapes from Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD, and use them for interactions.

  • A polygon its default shape is always a triangle. Customize it by adding sides using the Count property.
  • A star its default shape has 5 vertices. Add more vertices using the Count property and freely adjust its ratio (the distance between a star layer's inner points and its center).
ProtoPie polygon and star shapes feature

Learn more about layer properties.

Show the first frame of video & Lottie layers

Often use video or Lottie files in ProtoPie Studio? Thanks to auto-generated image thumbnails, you can now get a more realistic preview when using videos or Lottie animations in your scenes.

auto-generated image thumbnails for video and lottie in ProtoPie

Learn more about media layers.

Adjust layer rotation and rectangle corner radius within the canvas

ProtoPie now allows you to adjust layer rotation and corner radius directly on the canvas. A real time-saver as you don't have to head to the property panel anymore.

Adjust layer rotation and rectangle corner radius within the ProtoPie canvas

ProtoPie 6.0—Other features and improvements

  • Help menu on canvas
  • Improved layer handles