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Bridging the Gap: ProtoPie 5.5 x Your Design Tools

We will introduce our latest and upcoming features. Also, we'll talk about how we make a better ProtoPie for all of you.

ProtoPieJuly 20, 2021
ProtoPie 5.5 Launch Event Bridging the Gap ProtoPie x Your Design Tools thumbnail

What we will cover

We just released ProtoPie 5.5 to bridge the gap with your favorite design tools while increasing expressiveness. A lot of the features were requested by users, especially ProtoPioneers—our loyal group of active users using ProtoPie day in, day out to face the most exciting prototyping challenges.

At this event, we cover two topics:

  • How we pick features to make a better ProtoPie
  • How to make a video player protoype

Check out the demo and step-by-step tutorial from the launch event below to see our new features in action!

Make a Video Player using ProtoPie

Who should watch

  • ProtoPioneers
  • Anyone interested in how we make a better ProtoPie for you.
  • Anyone who's curious about how we deal with your feature requests.
  • Anyone who wants to see the new ProtoPie features in action.
  • Anyone, already using formulas & variables, who wants to learn how to make a media player prototype


How To Make a Video Player Prototype: Tutorial starts at 16:34.

Thank you for watching! If you missed the event, join our upcoming workshops this August to learn more awesome stuff like this.