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How ProtoPie Accelerates R/GA’s Digital Product Design Workflow

Anthony Baker, Vice President, Head of Technology Strategy, APAC, explains how ProtoPie speeds up R/GA’s process from bringing creative concepts to life, all the way to conducting user testing.

Rebeca Caritas
Rebeca Caritas, Customer Success ManagerApril 20, 2022

R/GA is a global digital agency and innovation consultancy that operates at the intersection between technology, data, and creativity. It helps some of the world’s leading companies strengthen their brand and grow their customer base through digital product design, including Google, Nike, Verizon, Samsung, and Toyota.

However, they can only do this through rigorous UX prototyping and by conducting extensive user research. We caught up with Anthony Baker, Vice President, Head of Technology Strategy at R/GA, to learn more about how they use ProtoPie for their rapid prototyping needs and to generally speed up their design workflows.

The importance of digital prototyping

Every digital agency knows there’s a huge difference between concepts, decks, and static representations of an experience versus what the real thing will actually be like. We might have several meetings with a client and present a solid vision of what we’ll produce, but even then, nobody knows exactly how it will turn out.

Well, not until you begin UX prototyping.

We leverage prototyping for bringing concepts to life, for user testing, and for market-fitting research. It helps to accelerate the implementation of creative and technical solutions.

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At R/GA we’re constantly experimenting, using the latest, most innovative digital product design tools to push the boundaries of creativity. Our team is full of amazing ideas—but even the best ideas need to be validated, polished, and tweaked. We rely on UX prototyping to help us do this.

In today’s business landscape, speed is of the essence. Companies need to react quickly according to how consumers think and behave, which is constantly changing. Digital prototyping is therefore crucial for all companies.

By creating high-fidelity prototypes at an early stage, you can then begin iterating and fine-tuning your concepts. This is a real competitive advantage. The quicker you can bring your ideas and concepts into life, the more opportunities you can generate for your clients.

How ProtoPie helps R/GA solve its digital prototyping challenges

R/GA's Product Design Workflow

ProtoPie’s rapid prototyping capabilities help us close the communication gap between what a client expects and what we want to deliver. Our team can prototype realistic experiences at speed, gain feedback from the client and customers at an early stage, and iterate on an ongoing basis.

This makes the creative process as efficient as possible. We can identify if our approach will work, and if not, course-correct as soon as possible. ProtoPie has saved us a ton of time and wasted effort over the years—we can make sure we’re always on the same page as our clients throughout the design process.

"ProtoPie offers the best of both worlds—it’s straightforward to use yet offers a wide variety of rapid prototyping features. We’d never consider using another prototyping tool."

We were immediately impressed by how intuitive ProtoPie is. The tool’s underlying architecture (with objects, triggers, and responses) just made sense. It felt natural to use, which meant our team easily got to grips with how it worked. There’s no point in implementing a tool that nobody understands how to use.


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