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Prototyping, the Driver Behind Innovation

Discover how e-commerce leader Flipkart & photo editing platform Picsart use high-fidelity prototyping to be at the forefront of innovation.

ProtoPieNovember 2, 2022
profile pictures of protopie webinar guest speakers from flipkart and picsart

Prototyping has an essential and unique role in the innovation process. To put it simply, prototyping serves as the glue between concepts and user-focused solutions.

ProtoPie is a true creativity booster, helping designers effortlessly turn innovative design ideas into high-quality, ultra-realistic prototypes.

In our webinar Prototyping, the Driver Behind Innovation, we dive deep into the minds of design leaders at Flipkart and Picsart to discover how they use high-fidelity prototyping to be at the forefront of innovation.

Part 1. How Flipkart uses ProtoPie to design tomorrow’s online shopping experience

Product Design Lead Prateek Gupta reveals how the design team at Flipkart uses ProtoPie to create today and tomorrow’s online shopping experiences.

Part 2. How Picsart designers free their ideas with ProtoPie

Senior Product Designer Lilit Mkrtchyan and Product Designer Roupen Babian discuss how ProtoPie fuels the creativity of designers at Picsart.

You can access the full recording here.

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