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Do Product Managers Use ProtoPie? Yes, Here's Why

Find out why ProtoPie is the best digital product prototyping tool for busy product managers like yourself.

Rebeca Caritas
Rebeca Caritas, Customer Success ManagerLast updated on November 16, 2022
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As a product manager, you need to explore solutions, validate ideas and iterate fast. You probably have a list of tasks and objectives that you should have achieved yesterday.

But, making a dent on that list is easier said than done when:

  • You lack a simple way to test and share your work.
  • Your team members are struggling to collaborate and communicate their intentions with each other.
  • You spend a lot of time and money on coding to create prototypes that aren’t convincing your stakeholders.

Meet ProtoPie—the tool that will make your life easier and your team more productive.

Making digital product development as easy as Pie

ProtoPie is the easiest, entirely code-free digital prototyping tool helping design teams to create realistic, high-fidelity prototypes.

Say goodbye to vague specs, mock-ups and static prototypes that fail to reflect the real, interactive experience of the final product.

low fidelity vs high fidelity prototype

Instead, say hello to:

  1. A simple and fast way to create highly realistic prototypes for mobile, web or tablets.
  2. Shared project spaces that let you store prototypes and share instant feedback among team members.
  3. A library of reusable interactions & components that you can add to your prototype in just a few clicks.
  4. Simplified user testing that gives you access to meaningful insights and market data to justify your product roadmap choices.

It’s all possible with ProtoPie—here’s how.

A collaborative product design tool for every member of your team

When you add ProtoPie to your digital product design workflow, everyone in your team benefits.

Due to our team collaboration and interaction recording features, communication between your engineers, developers and UX/UI designers will run much more smoothly.

All the better for your team productivity—and the success of your product, of course.

How ProtoPie solves product manager workflow challenges

At ProtoPie, we know that product managers are busy people with many responsibilities. You are facing many challenges that come with designing digital products in a time where software is becoming more complex.

product manager handling projects

But, by adding ProtoPie to your design stack, prototyping for digital products can actually be quite simple.

Here’s how your product design workflow can benefit from our tool.

1. Experience prototypes on real devices with ProtoPie Player

The best way to fully understand interaction design is to experience them firsthand.

That’s why we developed ProtoPie Player, which allows you to view, experience and test your prototypes on any device—including desktop, mobile, tablet and TV.

test prototypes in real devices using protopie player

As you can experience and test prototypes just like they will appear in the hands of the final user, there really is no better way to validate and iterate ideas.

2. Share prototypes easily and safely with ProtoPie Cloud

Want to share your prototype with stakeholders? Use ProtoPie Cloud to:

  • Generate shareable links.
  • Control who has access to prototypes.
  • Customize how someone views a prototype.
  • Open prototypes on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and experience it as if it’s the real product.
protopie prototypes safe access settings

The days of wondering which version of your prototype is the latest one, or scrambling to share iterations through clunky email threads? Gone.

3. Get meaningful, actionable insights with user testing integrations

The more realistic prototypes are, the more meaningful and actionable insights will be. With a high-fidelity prototype, researchers can conduct better and more realistic user tests.

user testing tools that work with ProtoPie

ProtoPie integrates with the following user testing tools:

As a result, it is easier than ever to conduct both moderated and unmoderated remote mobile user testing.

4. Go beyond a single screen with ProtoPie Connect

Today’s digital experiences aren’t just limited to single screens or devices, which is why you need a prototyping tool that can integrate software with hardware.

test prototypes in any smart device

Using the ProtoPie Connect app, you can:

  • Build prototypes on various devices that connect to each other.
  • Prototype real-life scenarios involving multiple displays, devices, hardware and APIs.

Even software-hardware integration is simple with ProtoPie.

5. Keep everyone on the same page with Project Spaces

ProtoPie’s Project Spaces is a place for teams to upload, store and share prototypes conveniently. Using high-fidelity prototypes as the single source of truth for projects, it is the glue that holds the product team together.

project and team spaces in protopie

By ensuring that your designers, engineers and researchers are aligned at all times, it helps you stay organized and on top of deadlines. No more having to start building the product from scratch because design ideas weren’t communicated effectively in the first place.

Get your product team on board with ProtoPie

Discover ProtoPie is a collection of ProtoPie’s best Unique Selling Points, to help you persuade your stakeholders - designers, engineers, and researchers - to get on board with ProtoPie. Share this Pie link with your product team and help them discover the best of your favorite prototyping tool.

Faster and better digital product prototyping with ProtoPie

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