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Adobe XD + ProtoPie: The Perfect Duo in Your Design Stack

Design like you always imagined with Adobe XD. Add a touch of magic with conditional and dynamic interactions in ProtoPie.

Fredo Tan
Fredo Tan, Head of GrowthJanuary 19, 2021
Adobe XD + ProtoPie: The Perfect Duo in Your Design Stack thumbnail

About 3 years ago, we proudly released the first integration for Adobe XD. A ton of designers have been importing their designs into ProtoPie and creating amazingly realistic prototypes on top of their XD designs ever since—A tremendous success.

Today, we are delighted to show you a better, more flexible, and tight-knit workflow between Adobe XD and ProtoPie.

Releasing the ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD is part of the new ProtoPie 5.3.

The workflow that gives you an edge

The Adobe XD + ProtoPie workflow has been a game-changer for digital designers who like to begin their creative process in XD. Starting from scratch to actually having a tangible (& realistic!) prototype that you can hold, touch, and fully experience—all in less than a day’s work.

Prototypes made with ProtoPie by Daniel Moss gif
Prototypes made with ProtoPie by Khonok Lee gif
Get realistic prototypes in the hands of users fast. Prototypes made with ProtoPie, by Daniel Moss & Khonok Lee.

We learned that there were plenty of productivity gains to be made regarding bringing your designs from XD into ProtoPie. There were little flexibility and many import options you didn’t need.

We went back to the drawing board and built a solution that gets you from design to interactive prototyping faster than before.

ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD

What we learned is that importing your designs should be straight-forward, fast, and easy—A no-fuss process.

This is what you get with the ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD.

ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD ads
ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD ads

Importing is a breeze. Import multiple artboards as scenes at once, and objects with the same layer hierarchy, positioning, and constraints as in Adobe XD.

The ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD requires ProtoPie 5.3 or higher.

The new import experience gif
The new import experience

The new import experience is completely different from the previous one, which we now call the legacy Adobe XD import. Note: the legacy import is only available in ProtoPie 5.2 or lower.

Differences with the legacy Adobe XD import?

the legacy Adobe XD import and the new ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD comparison
The legacy Adobe XD import on the left, the new ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD on the right.
  • Import one or multiple artboards and objects.
  • Import what you selected.
  • Import vector layers as SVG.
  • Import text layers as SVG that can be converted to text layers.
  • Import constraints as constraints.

Learn more about the ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD.

New to ProtoPie?

Try the ProtoPie plugin for Adobe XD with this example file.

The perfect duo to have in your design stack

Having a design stack that empowers you to do your best work is half the battle.

With ProtoPie, add another level of realism to your already high-fidelity designs. Consider dynamic interactions involving conditions, formulas, and variables to prototype beyond a single scenario. Express your interaction design ideas with features like text input, camera, and media playback at your disposal.

With Adobe XD & ProtoPie, design and prototype like you always imagined.

ProtoPie 5.3—Other features and improvements

  • Cut command
  • Landscape orientation
  • New device sizes, e.g., iPhone 12 & Google Pixel 5