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From Concept to Creation: Prototyping at Fetch

Stay up to date with our webinar featuring Fetch, where you can discover how ProtoPie empowers them to drive innovation.

ProtoPieMay 3, 2023
screenshot from the fetch app on mobile on a gradient background

In our first webinar of 2023, we invited Fetch, America's leading consumer loyalty platform, to discuss the importance of prototyping for innovation.

Watch the recording below to catch up on how design teams at Fetch use ProtoPie to create the scanning experience of the Fetch app, from concept development to final product creation, and learn prototyping best practices.

From Concept to Creation: How Fetch Uses Prototyping to Innovate

What you’ll learn

  1. How the design team at Fetch approaches innovation
  2. Why you should prototype early and often
  3. Best practices for prototyping
  4. The Fetch Snap experience

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