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Prototyping for Food Delivery Apps with Wolt

Unveil Wolt's prototyping journey, from idea to testing, and see how ProtoPie transforms their concepts into reality.

ProtoPieJune 7, 2023
screenshot from the wolt application on mobile on a gradient background

In our webinar Delivering Delicious Experiences: Prototyping for Food Delivery Apps we delved into the world of Wolt, a renowned food delivery app, and explored their innovative use of prototyping to craft delightful user experiences.

Discover Wolt's prototyping workflow, from ideation to user testing, and witness how they leverage ProtoPie to breathe life into their ideas. Whether you're a product designer, developer, or simply curious about the prototyping process, this webinar promises to deliver delectable insights into Wolt's recipe for creating tasty user experiences.

What you’ll learn

  • The significance of motion design and its profound impact on enhancing user experiences at Wolt
  • How Wolt seamlessly integrates ProtoPie into their design workflow
  • How Wolt designers collaborate & how they handle developer handoff
  • ProtoPie and motion design using variables, conditions, and Lottie support
  • Creative use cases with ProtoPie
  • ProtoPie in the future: design systems, interaction libraries, user testing, and more!

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