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What’s New? ProtoPie Connect Add-Ons for Basic & Pro

Explore ProtoPie Connect's tiers - Enterprise, Core, and Free - for enhanced prototyping.

Iulia Sorodoc
Iulia Sorodoc, Product Marketing ManagerMay 9, 2024
new connect tiers: connect free, connect core, connect enterprise


ProtoPie Connect add-ons for Basic & Pro

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product lineup - ProtoPie Connect add-ons. These add-ons are now available to both Basic and Pro plan subscribers, making it easier to integrate multiple devices, hardware, screens, plugins, and custom layers. In addition, our Free plan users can also experience Connect with the Free version.

ProtoPie Connect is designed to meet diverse needs and budgets and is available in three distinct tiers:

  • Connect Enterprise: For large teams and organizations seeking advanced integration and collaboration features.
  • Connect Core: Ideal for professionals and small teams who need comprehensive capabilities but not a full enterprise solution.
  • Connect Free: Great for individuals or newcomers to ProtoPie who want to explore the basic features without any expense.

ProtoPie Connect feature breakdown

We've included a detailed comparison table below to help you better understand the specific features and benefits each version offers. For a more detailed feature breakdown, check out our pricing page.

New ProtoPie Connect tiers: Enterprise, Core, and Free.
New ProtoPie Connect tiers: Enterprise, Core, and Free.

What is ProtoPie Connect?

ProtoPie Connect is an advanced extension for ProtoPie Studio that empowers designers to create prototypes that mimic real-world interactions across multiple devices, displays, hardware components, and APIs.

Essentially, ProtoPie Connect serves as a communication hub, using socket.IO technology to link various clients, including:

This connectivity enables a more dynamic and realistic simulation of how products will function in diverse and interconnected environments.

ProtoPie Connect opens up limitless possibilities. Here are a few ways it can be used:


How do I add the Connect add-on to my Basic plan?

To add the Connect add-on to your existing Basic plan, please visit the Manage Billing section on ProtoPie Cloud and select the add-on for purchase. If you are new and planning to subscribe to the Basic plan, you can include the Connect add-on during your initial subscription process.

How do I add the Connect add-on to my Pro plan?

You can choose the Connect add-on directly while subscribing to the Pro plan. If you decide to add it later, simply visit the Manage Billing page on ProtoPie Cloud to purchase the add-on.

If your Pro plan subscription was started before May 9, 2024, and you wish to remove the Connect add-on, follow .

How is the Connect add-on billed?

The Connect add-on must be purchased for each individual editor, not for the team as a whole.

  • If your team consists of 5 editors, you must purchase the add-on for each editor; it cannot be applied to just one or a few editors.
  • The add-on is billed according to your subscription plan: monthly if you're on a monthly plan and annually if you're on an annual plan.

Can I try ProtoPie Connect with the Free plan?

Yes, as a Free plan user, you can try ProtoPie Connect at no cost. Simply download ProtoPie Connect from our download page and log in using your free plan email address.

Please note that the free version has certain limitations. To access additional features, consider upgrading to Connect Core or Enterprise.

I'm new to ProtoPie Connect and want to learn more. Where do I start?

The ProtoPie Connect Complete Guide from ProtoPie School teaches how to build and test software and hardware-integrated prototypes across various screens and devices.

Enroll for free.

Enhance your prototyping with ProtoPie Connect

At ProtoPie, we are dedicated to improving our tools to cater to our diverse user base. Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, ProtoPie Connect provides the flexibility and capability to transform your digital ideas into reality.

Upgrade your prototyping experience with ProtoPie Connect today and create more dynamic and interactive prototypes.