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What’s New? ProtoPie Genie Plugin for Figma

Static prototypes can limit creativity, but ProtoPie Genie changes that. Dive into the article to discover how.

Iulia Sorodoc
Iulia Sorodoc, Product Marketing ManagerMay 14, 2024
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What is ProtoPie Genie?

Great news for Figma users! If you've ever felt that your design prototypes lacked dynamic interactions, our new beta plugin, ProtoPie Genie, is here to help.

ProtoPie Genie is designed for designers who use Figma to prototype their work and want to add more realistic interactions. As a beta version, ProtoPie Genie offers an early glimpse into its powerful features, allowing you to enhance your prototypes with advanced interactivity directly within Figma.

How does the ProtoPie Genie plugin work?

In the initial release of ProtoPie Genie, the "Interactive Input Field" feature allows you to seamlessly input text into your Figma prototype using the device keyboard.

Here’s how to add an interactive input field to your Figma design:

  1. Select a text object to designate as the input field.
  2. Add the object to the "Interactive Input Field" interaction.
  3. Assign text objects as output fields to display the entered text.

For more details on using the ProtoPie Genie plugin and exploring its features, refer to our documentation.

Why ProtoPie Genie is a must-try for designers

Static prototypes can limit creativity, but ProtoPie Genie changes that. ProtoPie Genie makes adding dynamic interactions to Figma prototypes easy, creating a more realistic and engaging experience without limiting creativity or compromising tight deadlines.

Here’s why ProtoPie Genie should be a key part of your design toolkit:

  • Integrated prototyping: With ProtoPie Genie, you can easily create advanced prototypes directly in Figma, saving time and eliminating the need to learn new tools.
  • Enhanced user testing: ProtoPie Genie allows for dynamic engagement with your prototype, enabling rapid testing and iteration of user experiences.
  • Save time: ProtoPie Genie can boost efficiency by simplifying the creation of interactive prototypes.
  • Impress stakeholders: With ProtoPie Genie, you can deliver standout, interactive presentations that captivate your audience and impress stakeholders.
interactive input field
Add dynamic interactions to Figma prototypes, creating more realistic and engaging experiences.

What’s next for ProtoPie Genie?

More than a plugin, ProtoPie Genie is a game-changing tool for Figma users who want to improve their designs.

Our team is dedicated to enhancing your design experience and making it more magical. Apart from the interactive input field, ProtoPie Genie will also support camera integration, speech-to-text functionality, and map integration in the near future.

If you have any feedback or want to suggest new features, let us know via the About page.

ProtoPie Genie plugin
Let us know your feedback via the About page within the ProtoPie Genie plugin.

Experience the magic of ProtoPie Genie—where your Figma designs come to life, easy as Pie!