• Are all ProtoPie plans subscription-based?

    Yes, except for the Free plan, all our paid plans are subscription-based.

    Find the plan that's the perfect fit for your prototyping needs below:

    • Basic plan: The Basic plan is made for freelancers and individuals and is available as a subscription with monthly and yearly billing options. Learn more about the Basic plan.
    • Pro plan: The Pro plan is available as a subscription and offers monthly and yearly billing options. You can easily subscribe to the Pro plan on our website and select the billing cycle that suits your needs.
    • Enterprise plan: The Enterprise plan is designed for larger teams and organizations with specific requirements. It must be renewed on an annual basis. If you are interested in the Enterprise plan or have any inquiries regarding its features and pricing, please contact our dedicated sales team. We will be more than happy to assist you and provide further information.

    Note: We decided to discontinue offering perpetual licenses in October 2019.

  • What's the difference between the monthly and yearly billing options?

    When you subscribe to a paid ProtoPie plan, you can choose between monthly and yearly billing.

    1. Yearly billing: Choose this to pay for a full year of ProtoPie upfront. This plan auto-renews annually, but you can cancel any time before the next renewal date. Opting for yearly billing saves up to 16% compared to monthly payments.
    2. Monthly billing: This option allows you to pay for ProtoPie month by month. Like the yearly plan, it auto-renews monthly, but cancellation is possible before the next billing cycle begins.

    To switch from monthly to yearly billing and save money, update your billing preferences on the Billing page.

  • Can I switch between monthly and yearly billing?

    You can easily switch between monthly and yearly billing options by heading to the billing section of your account. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

    • Switching from monthly to yearly billing: If you want to switch from monthly to yearly billing, you'll be charged a proportionate amount based on the remaining time in your current monthly plan. Your next billing date will be adjusted to one year after your yearly plan starts.
    • Switching from yearly to monthly billing: If you wish to switch from yearly to monthly billing, you must cancel your current yearly plan. Once your current billing cycle ends, you can subscribe to the monthly plan.
  • How is the Connect add-on billed?

    If you're on the Pro plan, you must purchase the Connect add-on for each individual editor from your team, not for the team as a whole.

    • If your team consists of 5 editors, you must purchase the add-on for each editor; it cannot be applied to just one or a few editors.
    • The add-on is billed according to your subscription plan: monthly if you're on a monthly plan and annually if you're on an annual plan (applicable to both Basic and Pro plans).