ProtoPie Cloud

  • I can't upload my prototype to the Cloud, what should I do?

    If you're encountering difficulties uploading your prototype to the Cloud, try these troubleshooting steps:

    1. Check your network connection: Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.
    2. Log out and log back in: Sometimes, refreshing your session by logging out and logging back into ProtoPie Studio can resolve upload issues.
    3. Restart ProtoPie Studio: If the problem persists, try restarting ProtoPie Studio. This can help refresh the application and clear any potential conflicts or temporary issues hindering the upload process.
  • Can I share my prototypes with password protection?

    Sharing prototypes with password protection is available in our Pro and Enterprise plans.

    Password protection can be enabled in the prototype’s access settings on ProtoPie Cloud. Learn more about password protection for prototypes.

  • Can I customize the display of my shared prototypes on the cloud?

    ProtoPie Cloud enables you to customize how your prototypes display on web browsers when shared with other stakeholders through ProtoPie Cloud.

    Discover how you can customize the testing experience using ProtoPie Cloud.

  • Why don't fonts display correctly in my mobile browser prototype?

    Enterprise plan users are able to utilize custom fonts and share their prototypes throughout the ProtoPie ecosystem.

    For users on other plans, it is important to note that fonts used in prototypes must be installed locally on the computer or smart device to be displayed correctly. If a correct font is not visible in a prototype on mobile browsers, it indicates that the font still needs to be installed on that specific device.

  • Why doesn't sound autoplay in my prototype on web browsers?

    To provide a better browsing experience, many web browsers have implemented policies that restrict the auto-playing of sounds. This means that sounds in your prototype may not automatically play when accessed through a web browser.

    To enable autoplay of sounds on desktop browsers, users can manually adjust their browser settings to allow autoplay. However, it's considered a good practice to design prototypes in a way that requires user interaction before playing sounds. By ensuring direct interaction with the page, sounds should play without any issues.

  • What browsers does ProtoPie support?

    To ensure an optimal testing experience, we recommend using the latest versions of the following browsers: